4 Cool New Glamping Destinations

4 Cool New Glamping Destinations

Glamping is now a very popular term as well as a very popular vacation option for many people. It involves being able to go on a camping trip but still enjoy all the comforts from home, hence luxury camping or glamourous camping. Its increasing popularity means that it can be enjoyed all over the world. Here are 4 cool new glamping destinations to check out:

1. Yurtshire in Yorkshire, UK

The Yurtshire is a great place to go for a fantastic glamping experience. It allows for you to simply take your personal belongings and stay in one of their top-of-the-line yurts on their property. Each of them is made with solid oak doors, and a fantastic canvas shell. They are each spaced properly from one another so that each family or group has their own privacy while they are visiting. The Yurtshire is also a great way to enjoy all of the beauty that the United Kingdom has to offer.

2. Maui Eco Retreat, Hawaii USA

Hawaii is already one of the most popular vacation sites in the United States, but this particular site is absolutely perfect for enjoying the combination of nature and modern amenities. It is definitely one of the more unusual places to stay as it gives you the unique opportunity to live an eco-friendly life while still enjoying everything that you are used to in our modern society. The retreat provides you with a full kitchen, gas stove, and a fantastic private outdoor shower to enjoy during your stay. This particular location is perfect for couples, honeymooners and families alike, and it can prove to be a very relaxing and soothing vacation experience.

3. Springhill Farm in East Sussex, UK

The yurt that is provided here at Springhill Farm is a great way to get some much needed family time or to just enjoy the beauty of the Ashdown Forest. It is an unusual place for glamping with a group of people as the yurt will provide accommodations for up to 6 people. You also have the option of cooking on a wood burning stove at night or using the available fire pit. This is definitely a great way to hold on to the main essence of camping while still enjoying great comforts from home.

4. Tuscany’s Countryside, Italy

When it comes to great glamping locations, Tuscany’s countryside is definitely one of the top places to be. The accommodations here are definitely luxurious while still providing the inhabitants a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful Italian landscape. There are 3 yurts available, and each of them can hold up to 4 people and one child. There is also the ability to use wifi and have access to air conditioning during your stay. They provide you with all of the essential modern commodities that you would expect to find at home while still enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature.

4 Cool New Glamping Destinations

In conclusion, when it comes to the perfect combination of modern amenities with the essential spirit of camping, glamping is definitely the way to go. With fantastic locations around the world and great modern accommodations to take advantage of, you are sure to have a fantastic experience the next time you are on vacation.check this information at https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/happy-campers-caravanning-became-cool-142018246.html

Palau Reviewed With Worldwide Travel Resources Inc

Palau Reviewed With Worldwide Travel Resources Inc

The island of Palau, more officially known as the Republic of Palau may be somewhat lesser known than its other Pacific Island neighbors however, it is no less beautiful. Home to around 21,000 residents this small island nation encompasses around 250 islands in Micronesia which make up the Western chain of the Caroline Islands. Warm year round with a fair amount of sunshine mixed with rain, this tropical island paradise is located outside the typical typhoon zone, making it an ideal area for travel even during the traditional typhoon months.

Palau History

Believed to have been settled first by the ancient Palauans as early as 1,000 BC, these first settlers are believed to have been of the Indonesian Malays, however, very little artifact evidence exists today. What we do know for certain is that the first European settlers arrived in Palau in 1783 when the vessel called the Antelope was shipwrecked on a reef near Rock Island. It wasn’t until the 1880′s however, that Spain took control of the Caroline Islands under the direction of Pope Leo XIII. Like many other areas throughout the Caribbean and the South Pacific, the islands changed hands often throughout the next century, eventually ending up as a free association of the U.S.

Rich in culture, part of the charm of visiting these islands is the local peoples embracing of their history and their roots. A deep connection to the sea, fishing, harvesting and a matriarchal culture, the Palauns are considered quite traditional and offer a unique experience for all travelers.

While many come for the fishing and the water recreation, many other come to enjoy the local tours and the history unique to the area. For example, while the natural beauty can transport you to a different place, one of peace and contentment, just one beach overlie the remains of one of bloodiest battles of WW II. Whether exploring the history of the war, the history of the ancient peoples or the beauty of nature and her splendor, find out what is making Palau such a growing destination for travel today.go to http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2015/03/238625.htm for more travel information.

General Information

Technically an area referred to as a presidential republic in free association with the United States, Palau offers many of the conveniences of visiting a U.S. destination with English being one of the main languages spoken and the official currency being the US dollar. Despite its association with the U.S. however, visitors will still be required to present a passport.

Palau Reviewed With Worldwide Travel Resources Inc

Worldwide Travel Resources Inc invites you to explore other amazing areas for travel with us. Whether you enjoy traveling in the U.S. or abroad, with friends or family, for relaxation or an adventure the choice is yours. Let Worldwide Travel Resources Inc help you get where you want to go, your imagination is your only limit.


How to Move to Another Country

Moving can be hard.  There are often many moving pieces that go into a move.  If you are moving with your family, you have to make sure that your spouse is comfortable with the move, and if he or she works, that they can find work in your new location.  Moving is particularly hard for kids.  Depending on their age, kids are very impressionable when they are young, and a move can be extremely devastating to a child if all they’ve known is their original home.  Now, residential moving is hard enough, imagine juggling all of these moving to another country.  Whether you are moving because you want to, or moving because you have to, here are some things to consider when moving to another country.

The first thing to consider is the language.  If you are an English speaker, are you moving to another country where English is the common language?  We are living in a world now that English is commonplace amongst various nations, but still there are many countries where people don’t speak great English still.  If you are moving to a country where your mother tongue is not the common language, consider learning the basic language of where you are moving.  Rosetta Stone is a great tool for those looking to learn a new language.  Basic communication is critical for you.

Next, figure out how your financials are going to work in your new home country.  The way taxes, health insurance and various other financial aspects vary not just state to state, but country to country.  It is essential for you to learn just how the system works where you are moving.

If moving somewhere entirely new, it is important to do some research regarding your new home country.  Which city should you live in?  Is it close to work?  Which school should your kid go to?  These are all important factors when decided exactly where to live.  You don’t want to not to your homework, and then end up living in a town with a very high crime rate for example.

You need to understand the laws and regulations of the country.  Do you need an identification card? Do you abide by transportation laws?

Next, you will want to learn about the place you now live.  It will take some time, but you don’t’ want to feel like a stranger in your new home for too long.  Become assimilated with the local culture.  What goes on in this new place that you live?  What are the best restaurants? What kind of music is popular here?  Becoming immersed with the neighborhood will make your move much easier on you and your family.

Last but not least, make sure you are meeting new people, while maintaining your relationships back at home.  Who knows what the future holds?  Perhaps you will return to your original home at some point, perhaps you won’t.  Still, relationships are incredibly important throughout life, and so it is very important that you, your spouse, and your child are making good relationships in your new home while maintaining the old ones.  Making new friendships and relationships with the people that live around you or the people you work with will help you become one with the local culture, and make your life much more comfortable in your new home country.

Treehouse Accommodations in Africa

Tree House Holidays in Africa

If you are considering going camping, glamping may actually be the better option. Glamping allows you to enjoy nature in a comfortable and stylish manner. Unique Sleeps showcase some very unusual places to stay, including tree house holidays. Tree houses in Africa are another unique option to experience glamping. Here are what we think are the top 4 treehouse locations in Africa. Checkout the latest information at http://www.theacapulcotravel.com/turn-your-camping-trip-into-a-glamping-trip/

1. Ndovu Bonde Treehouse, Kenya

The Ndovu Bonde Treehouse is a fantastic way to spend a vacation or a honeymoon. It could be considered glamping at its finest, as it allows you to literally be a part of nature while still having your own space and personal comforts. There are two treehouses available and they are separated enough to where everyone has their distance. Some of the amenities you will find include a fully-stocked kitchen, a Jacuzzi out on the deck and a great private dining experience. There is a beautiful view of the landscape beneath with views of the forest canopy. It is truly a majestic sight to behold.

2. Chole Mjini, Tanzania

Located on the beautiful beach of Chole,Tanzania, the Chole Mjini lodge is definitely one of the best places to have a glamping experience. It is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking to get away from their busy everyday lifestyles and enjoy some luxury while experiencing nature. The lodge is located perfectly, with the opportunity for snorkeling and boat rides close by. It is truly an eco-lodge as well, since the treehouse gives you the best tools to have a great sustainable lifestyle while on your holiday. With spectacular views, the water close by, and great accommodations, it is definitely one of the top picks for treehouses around the world.

3. Tsala Treetops, South Africa

The Tsala Lodge, located in the perfect spot between Knysa and the Plattenburg Bay, is a fantastic spot for glamping. It provides you a luxurious experience among South Africa’s gorgeous treetops. The lodge currently has 10 different suites that you can choose from when you book your stay. Each of them comes with a fireplace, a plush sitting room, and a spacious bathroom. They also have used only glass, wood, and stone in the construction of the lodge to provide the most natural feel possible during your stay.

4. Jaci’s Tree and Savannah Lodges, South Africa

Treehouse Accommodations in Africa

Jaci provides two fantastic glamping options that allow you to have full access to South Africa’s natural beauty and wildlife. There are actually two options, which include a treehouse and a safari lodge. The treehouse is equipped with eight luxurious rooms. Each of the rooms has great accommodations, including a king size bed, air conditioning, heating, a private outdoor shower and a luxurious stone bath.

In summary, there are many fantastic places that you can visit when you want to have a tree house holiday in Africa. With just the right mix of nature and luxury, all of these phenomenal options are sure to deliver above and beyond your expectations.

Top Unusual Places to Stay in Canada

Top Unusual Places to Stay in Canada

There are a lot of unusual places to stay in the world, you won’t believe where you can sleep when you are going on holiday. If you and your family are the adventurous kind and want to stay at unusual and wonderful places, you definitely need to go to these places in Canada. You will have an adventure that you will never forget.

Quebec Ice Hotel

Normal people want to go to a warm and sunny place when they are going on holiday. Normally a place like the beach. Who would want to go to an ice hotel? But the Quebec Ice Hotel is a very famous hotel in Canada that is made only from ice. And here’s the thing – everything within the Hotel is also made from ice!

Going to this Icy Hotel gives a new meaning to an icy cold vacation. The Quebec Ice Hotel is most definitely a very unusual place to stay. You can go to this hotel from the beginning of January to April. You can just pass through the hotel and drink something at the ice bar, or you can go further and stay overnight in the ice rooms. Learn more helpful tips and information at http://www.hotels.com/

Vancouver aquarium

You might ask what is so unusual about the Vancouver aquarium. What is special about this destination, is that you are really sleeping with the fishes. When the aquarium closes for the day, you can sleep in front of one of the fish tanks, with the fishes swimming in front of you.
This is really unique – if you think that you are going to sleep in an aquarium, and not just visiting one. There are quite a few things that you can do when you are sleeping over. You can even go to the marine lab and explore all the different sea creatures.

Ottawa Jail Hostel

This isn’t just a vacation destination. This is a very quirky place to stay. Especially if you didn’t do anything to warrant a night behind bars! Hopefully this will be the closest thing to a jail that you will ever experience. Give you and your family a great holiday that they never will forget.

Who would have thought that you can go on holiday and actually sleep in a jail hostel? This sounds scarier than it actually is. The great thing about this adventure is that you actually get to leave when you want to! The building is upgraded and will make a great night away from home. Especially if you like an adventure and like going to off the beaten path places.

Top Unusual Places to Stay in Canada

There are more weird places where you can go if you are looking for unusual places to stay. These three are just one of the most popular places to go to. In Canada you will find many other places where you can take your family for something out of the ordinary.

Have you stayed somewhere unique in Canada? We would love to hear about it.

How to Secure Your Money During Travel

How to Secure Your Money During Travel

While carrying cash during trips can be very indispensable, every experienced tourist will surely tell you that the money should be properly guarded to avoid serious problems.

There are numerous of reported incidents when careless tourists have become the victim of local thieves and that’s something you should be careful about if you want to have a stress-free vacation.

Now the challenge for you is to keep your cash secure while making it easily accessible at the same time. How do you effectively do that? Here are some ideas you can consider:

1. Store money in several locations.

One big mistake you shouldn’t make during travels is to keep all your money in one place. This can be very risky especially if your bag (or wallets) gets lost or stolen. Dividing your money and putting some of them on different pockets (some even hide cash on their socks and shoes) can be for your best benefit.

These days, it’s not even hard to find underclothing that have storage features and you can take advantage of these options. Undershirts and underwear with secret pockets are becoming more common nowadays. You can check out local retailers or online shops for these wonderful money-storage clothing items.

2. Use travel-specific wallets.

Be wiser than muggers and pickpockets by having a prepared decoy wallet for them. Look for a nice, inexpensive wallet and fill it up with sample credit cards and a small amount of money. This can be extremely useful especially if you want to make sure that your money gets spared from these unscrupulous people.

Also, having your own travel wallet can be terrific. Your wallet may already be loaded with a lot of different cards that’s why having a travel only wallet should be perfect for you. That way, all important documents will be within easy reach whenever you need them. Naturally, you can also insert some money inside this wallet for safekeeping.

3. Sturdy bags are highly recommended.

How to Secure Your Money During Travel

When buying bags, look for those that are durable enough to withstand your travel schedule – and all the risks that you can possibly encounter!
Most travel bag manufacturers have interesting items in their selections. Some of your options include cut-proof bags as well as those with locking zippers, anti-slash fabric, and many others.
Your travel doesn’t have to be too risky if you observe proper precautions. You’ll have a wonderful vacation (or business trip) regardless of your chosen destination.